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Orient Express Orient Express Luxe Mattress

€3,195.00 - €3,995.00€3,195.00 - €3,995.00

Nicknamed the 'hotel on wheels', Orient-Express promised travellers a deep and peaceful rest while aboard. In exclusive collaboration with Epéda, the leading French bedding brand, Orient Express was inspired by its heritage of comfort in creating the luxe mattress of your dreams. This incomparably soft mattress is hand upholstered in Epéda's Normandy workshops and features midnight blue side fabric embroidered with the 'Orient Express'.

An ExclusiveOrient Express Creation


The Savoir-Faire

Hand crafted in Epéda's Normandy workshops, this mattress is made of 100% natural materials.

The Comfort

Unmatched softness is coupled with balanced support.

The Filling

Comprised of cashmere wool, renowned for its purity, and natural silk to create an extraordinary lightness.

The Colour

A white sleeping surface is accented with midnight-blue side strips, Orient Express's favourite colour.

Anatomy of the Orient Express Luxe Mattress

The mattress is ideal for restorative sleep and relaxing nights.