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Orient Express Orient Express Mattress

€2,195.00 - €2,945.00€2,195.00 - €2,945.00

In exclusive collaboration with Epéda, the leading French bedding brand, Orient Express took inspiration from the unmatched comfort of its legendary sleeping cars to design a mattress that ensures a restful slumber. This irresistibly soft mattress is hand-upholstered in Epéda's Normandy workshops.

An ExclusiveOrient Express Creation


The Savoir-Faire

Epéda, the first luxury French bedding brand, hand crafted the mattress in its Normandy workshops.

The Comfort

The soft, padded mattress features a reinforced pelvic area.

The Filling

Comprised of breathable R'spire fibre, comfort foam, and hypoallergenic fibres.

The Colour

The mattress is available in classic white.

Anatomy of the Orient Express Mattress

The mattress is 30 cm deep, making for a cloud-like sleeping experience.