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Orient Express Orient Express Mattress & Base

€2,940.00 - €3,990.00€2,940.00 - €3,990.00

In exclusive collaboration with Epéda, the leading French bedding manufacturer, Orient Express channelled the unmatched comfort of its legendary sleeping cars to create a mattress with irresistible softness. This classic mattress is hand-upholstered in Epéda's Normandy workshops and sits atop a bed base available in three colours: white, beige, or grey.

An ExclusiveOrient Express Creation


The Savoir-Faire

Epéda, the first luxury French bedding brand, hand crafted the mattress in its Normandy workshops. The mattress also comes with a matching bed base.

The Comfort

The soft, padded mattress features a reinforced pelvic area.

The Filling

Comprised of breathable R'spire fibre, comfort foam, and hypoallergenic fibres.

The Colour

The mattress is available in white and can be paired with a white, beige, or grey base to match any interior.

Anatomy of the Orient Express Mattress and Base

The mattress is 30 cm deep and the base is 18 cm, making for a rejuvenating night's sleep.