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Orient Express Orient Express by Sarah Moon


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In this exclusive tome produced for Louis Vuitton's Fashion Eye collection, French photographer Sarah Moon embarks on an imaginary journey to Istanbul aboard Orient Express. Moon's monochrome images bring a romantic dimension to the train's legendary journey, transporting readers back in time.

An Exclusive Collaboration Between Louis Vuitton


Orient Express


A Unique Vision

Sarah Moon, a director and Vogue fashion photographer, takes inspiration for her work from fairy tales, childhood and a fascination with the power of imagination.

Her Character

Susan, who plays Moon's main character, muse and heroine, appears timeless, while the book's setting transports readers into the luxury of the past.


A photographic journey told in three stages: a train yard, aboard Orient-Express during a journey to the Jura, and Susan's voyage from Rouen to Dieppe.

Her Vision

'Any train journey is always accompanied by sound and rhythm both inside and outside. My eye gazes at the landscape, but as the journey progresses, the conductor announces the stations at irregular intervals as his voice echoes across the open space,' Sarah Moon

Also Found in the Book

A portrait and an interview with Sarah Moon by writer Anne Maurel.