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Come along for a photographic journey highlighting the history and culture of Orient-Express. Author and journalist Sixtine Dubly, contributor to Paris Match, Architectural Digest, and Ideat magazine, chronicles the train's legendary story—from founder Georges Nagelmacker's inspiration to the train's debut in 1883. The hardcover book, published by Assouline Editions, offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the train's Art Deco—inspired restaurant cars, unparalleled on-board service and the emergence of a new way of travelling to the gates of the Orient.

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Orient Express


The Dining Car

From the exceptional cuisine to the fabulous people, take a behind-the-scenes look at what made the Orient-Express dining car such a legendary atmosphere.

The First Journey

Dubly reveals secrets from Orient-Express’ inaugural journey on October 4, 1883.

Art Deco Masterpiece

Dubly examines the iconic train's signature Art Deco style by René Prou and René Lalique as well as the luxury locomotives of the International Sleeping Car Company.

Agatha Christie

Dubly devotes a section to one of Orient Express's most famous personalities: Agatha Christie. In addition to meeting her husband and honeymooning aboard the train, the English novelist penned the bestselling novel Murder on the Orient Express.

Also Found in the Book

Anecdotes that have remained secret until now, including stories and amorous adventures aboard Orient-Express, including that of Belgian King Leopold II, a regular passenger who met his mistress Cleo de Merode on board, and the holidays enjoyed by Jean Gabin and Marlene Dietrich.