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Orient Express Fibre Duvet

€235.00 - €325.00€235.00 - €325.00

In collaboration with luxury bedding company Dumas Paris, specialists in the art of sleep since 1851, Orient Express is proud to present an exclusive five-star microfibre all-season duvet. Microfibre, known for its warmth, softness and breathability, offers all the qualities of a duvet with natural filling.

An ExclusiveOrient Express Creation


A Unique Savoir-Faire

Dumas Paris is a family-run business founded in Burgundy in 1851. They hold an 'Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant' award for expertise in the making of traditional and natural duvets.

The Filling

Polyester fibres designed for airiness while still retaining heat.

The Manufacturing Process

The duvet is made in the Dumas Paris workshops in Burgundy and is adorned with a Haute Literie® label.

The Feeling

Soft and fluffy, the comforter is ideal for bedrooms set between 16-18°c.

Anatomy of the Fibre Duvet

Beloved by top-of-the-line hotels, this duvet features Bavarian stitching. It's an ideal choice for brisk winter nights.