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Orient Express Au Départ Lounge-Trunk


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Bring your love of travel home with our striking lounge-trunk, available in only ten limited editions, designed in collaboration with legendary Parisian trunk manufacturer Au Départ. A dramatic and stylish addition to any interior space, this Italian-made lounge-trunk is outfitted with a vinyl turntable and Bang & Olufsen speaker, two bottles of Hennessy Paradis cognac and glasses, three custom votive-sized Trudon candles, and a selection of beautiful coffee table books recounting Orient Express's storied history.

An Exclusive Orient Express Creation




Bringing Together the Best of the Best

The Au Départ lounge trunk brings together the savoir-faire of world class artisans coupled with the pleasures of train travel: music, reading, and sipping cognac by candlelight. Each trunk is numbered and engraved with the name of the Au Départ artisan who was integral to its production.

The Monogram

Since its inception in 1834, Au Départ has been identified by a monogram in the shape of a three-dimensional parallelepiped, which is inspired by the floors of Pompeii. Here, it adorns the trunk's exterior in midnight blue, Orient Express's signature colour.

Canvas and Leather

A jacquard woven fabric with reflective thread coupled with smooth and durable Italian calf leather.

The Manufacturing

The trunk was designed and manufactured north of Milan, Italy, in a family-run workshop. It takes anywhere from 45-60 days to produce.

Anatomy of the Trunk

Intended for interior decoration, the lounge trunk, which opens and closes via a set of doors, was designed to hold the essential elements representative of a traveller's lifestyle.