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Orient Express Fibre Mattress Topper

€185.00 - €295.00€185.00 - €295.00

In collaboration with luxury bedding company Dumas Paris, a specialist in the art of sleep since 1851, Orient Express is proud to present its microfibre mattress topper. Designed and manufactured in the Dumas Paris workshops in Tonnerre, Burgundy, this mattress topper provides a similar enveloping sensation to a featherbed.

An ExclusiveOrient Express Creation


The Savoir-Faire

Dumas Paris is a family-run business founded in Burgundy in 1851. They hold an 'Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant' award for expertise in luxury bedding.

The Sensation

The mattress topper creates a feeling of firmness while remaining comfortable and soft.

The Filling

A siliconised hollow polyester fibre, wrapped in a cotton twill, which provides exceptional loft and comfort.

The Cover

A 100% cotton twill outer cover adding softness and warmth.

Anatomy of the Fibre Mattress Topper

This classic-sized mattress topper, featuring a polyester fibre fill inside a 100% cotton twill cover, is guaranteed to ensure a deep sleep.