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Orient Express Duck Feather & Down Pillow

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Introducing the ultimate duck feather and down pillow for a restorative night's rest. In collaboration with Dumas Paris, a specialist in high-quality bedding since 1851, Orient Express presents a pillow offering exceptional suppleness and loft. Designed and manufactured in the Dumas Paris workshops in Tonnerre, Burgundy, this pillow evokes the unmatched comfort experienced aboard an Orient-Express sleeping car.

An ExclusiveOrient Express Creation


A Unique Savoir-Faire

Dumas Paris is a family-run business founded in 1851 in Burgundy. They hold an 'Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant' award for expertise in high-end pillow manufacturing.

The Filling

Unparalleled fluffiness achieved through a combination of duck down and feathers.

The Manufacturing Process

The pillow is made in the Dumas Paris workshops in Burgundy and is adorned with a Haute Literie® label.

The Finish

The cover is finished with a white bourdon stitch.

Anatomy of the Duck Feather and Down Pillow

Mix and match all three sizes for ultimate comfort.