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Orient Express Hand Towel


Orient Express hand towels are absorbent and lightweight, making them versatile enough for drying the face, hair, or hands. The 100% cotton design is available in white or midnight blue and features a tone-on-tone Orient Express compass rose pattern jacquard.

An ExclusiveOrient Express Creation


A Legendary Pattern

In 2016, Philippe Apeloig conceived Orient Express's compass rose monogram, taking inspiration from the iconic bullseye of Pullman cars which were characteristic of locomotives during the golden age of train travel. A symbol of elegance, the compass rose motif adorns the towel's edges.

The Fabric

Made from 100% fast-drying and absorbent cotton.

The Colours

Designed in pure white or midnight blue, Orient Express's signature colour, with a tone-on-tone compass rose pattern.


The hand towel is machine washable.

Anatomy of the Hand Towel

The hand towel combines beauty, absorbency, and functionality without taking up excess space.

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