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Orient Express Trudon Classic Candle


In an exclusive collaboration with Trudon, master wax maker since 1643 and perfumer Thierry Wasser, Orient Express presents a candle designed to honour the art of travel. This luxurious coiled beeswax candle features notes of leather, wood, floral, and spice in a midnight blue vessel—Orient Express's signature colour—adorned with a dramatic 24-karat gold coat of arms.

Exclusive Fragrance for Orient Express




A Timeless Fragrance

Notes of leather, wood, floral and spice evoke the glamourous journey experienced aboard Orient-Express.

The Coat of Arms

Stamped with Trudon's signature motto, 'Deo Regique Laborant.'

The Glass

The candle is set in a hand-crafted midnight blue glass vessel.

The Wax

Trudon is the oldest master wax maker in France. Its formula offers an exceptional olfactory sensation and burning quality.

Anatomy of a Candle

The wax is made in Trudon's Normandy workshop, while the glass vessel—inspired by a champagne bucket—is crafted in Vinci, Tuscany.